Libera – Visual biography

This exhibition by Przemek Krzakiewicz is the effect of a long‑term process in the search for photographic images which could represent the character of Zbigniew Libera. However, Krzakiewicz was not intrigued by photographs of either the artist’s most famous works – although such pieces can be found in the ZPAF Gallery – or the iconic and media‑friendly image of one of Poland’s most popular artists. During the many meetings with Zbigniew Libera – conversations and joint excursions, during which he was also an exhibition curator – Krzakiewicz persistently sought out places, objects, photographic associations, and even unreal visions which would allow to capture Libera – an artistic persona, a traveller, an erudite character, a seeker of adventures, and a raconteur. From the project’s outset, the photographer decided to consistently play a game with the subject of his portraits, as well as with the viewer, choosing his camera carefully to each specific session in such a way that that the expression of the photograph corresponds to the character of the place and time which is being described. Krzakiewicz’s experimental techniques and the treatment of photography as a laboratory of the image are an expression of form and an assured homage to his undying fascination of the medium. 360 Libera is a bio(photo)graphic tale without a beginning or end, without any hierarchy of importance or a focal point. It sweeps around like the horizon, which instead of giving an answer provokes movement and heralds the cry immortalised by Xenophon: “The Sea! The Sea!”.

/Paweł Brożyński/

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